John Furneaux - Owner/IFMGA Mountain Guide

John has been guiding individuals and groups around the globe for nearly 20 years. Most notably, he is recognized for guiding three expeditions to Mount Everest with two summits. However, the breadth and depth of his other adventures extends far beyond Everest. John has guided expeditions in places such as Alaska, the Yukon, Tibet, Pakistan, Russia, Baffin Island, Africa, Patagonia and throughout North America and he continues to seek out new and exciting areas to explore.   

Born in Newfoundland, John’s interest in climbing began early. At the age of 16, he moved to Squamish, BC to pursue his dream of becoming an ACMG/IFMGA Guide and it’s been “uphill” (pun intended) ever since. 

John’s unique ability to connect with his guests and get to know them personally has allowed him to guide his clients to some truly "wild" places – responding to their desire to “get outside their comfort zone”. His enthusiasm for adventure is infectious and his “anything is possible” approach inspires those who are fortunate to call him their guide.  As a result, he has been responsible for many challenging first ascents in the mountains and new treks in the Canadian Arctic.

When not guiding, John lives an active life in Squamish with his wife and two young children skiing, biking, climbing and mountaineering together.